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I had been experiencing very distressing symptoms of the menopause for well over a year. I had been to my GP on several occasions but really didn't find any potential solution for my 'condition'. I went, with my, partner to see Dr Curtin on the initial consultation and found him extremely caring, understanding and positive about my situation and as a result decided to go ahead with some treatment straight away. The treatment itself was painless and everything was explained to me in terms that I could understand. Both myself and my partner left Dr Curtin's surgery that morning with a spring in our step, full of confidence and positivity. After several treatments, my symptoms have dramatically reduced and I most definitely feel as though I have got my life back. I am still receiving treatment approximately every 6 weeks and would highly recommend Dr Curtin.

Karen W

- Bedford
I brought my 14 year old son to see Dr Curtin because he had been suffering with nausea for eight months. After 3 sessions my son began to notice an improvement and he is now 95% better

Vicky B

- Bedford
I would say to anyone thinking of having the treatment "why not try it?" The needles are really small and you can't feel them at all, it was quite a surprise and not at all how I imagined them to be. My thanks go to Dr Curtin for being so kind and helping get rid of my persistent headaches when I saw him at Spire Harpenden.

Sarah C

- Harpenden